About FFCs

FFC's are flat copper conductors of various dimensions laminated with high-quality insulation films

They guarantee significant competitive advantages over conventional cables in terms of space and weight

Is compared with standard round wire cables, flexible flat cables are lower in weight and higher in flexibility

Flexible flat cables can be used to connect moving components and mainboard as well as between PCB to PCBs

Why Jetflex?


What makes the Jetflex exceptional is the ability to customize any configuration.


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Jetflex works positively on ISO9001, the quality assurance management system of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Our Expertise

The thorough understanding of material and technology by our team, along with the years of experience in this field, help and enable us to manufacture the desired cables.

Quality Checks & Performance

To ensure trouble-free performances of the cables, strict quality control checks are made at every stage of manufacturing process – right from selection & sourcing of raw materials and machinery, in-ward inspection, production of finished products, to final product packaging and dispatch.

Variety & Types

We can attach various types of strips, and stiffeners with different colours and width on the surface of the cable. In addition to the standard FFC cables available in A type – Contacts same side or D Type – Contacts opposite sides, Jetflex offers a variety of cables for your requirements with our 12 types ranging from Type A to Type L.


The fundamental requirement of cables is performance capability and long term reliability. Our cables perform to the current capacity for which they are designed and still be performing better to the hostile environmental conditions.