Welcome to the pioneers
in manufacturing
of flexible flat
cables in India
Jetflex, the newly born manufacturing
unit of Jet Technologies
We are committed to
Superior Quality
& Results
Our company has consistently embraced
innovation to provide a superior level
of excellence for our customers
We put customer service
first to keep your
business growing
Implementing customer service, best practices and
building a strong culture is hard work, but
it needs to be done and we Do It!
For us, great customer service matters more than ever.
It generates higher customer loyalty, stronger culture,
and great business partners.

Founders Desk

With the ignited spirit of Make in India at Jet Technologies, we have expanded our existing business by opening the first manufacturing unit of flat and flexible cables in India.

Jetflex — Our range of FFCs are just what their name implies: flat and flexible! They give great conveniences for interconnection, reduces the cost of production and increase reliability.

Thank you for showing interest in Jet Technologies! We would love you to be a returning customer and will do our best to be worthy of your continued business. Building a relationship of trust with you is our top priority.

Deepesh Patel

Full in house production

With our own production lines, we are able to meet the international quality standards.

Custom to your needs

We develop FFCs which are specific to your design needs based on the necessary lengths, contacts, plating & conductors.

Simple & Fast Installation

Our FFCs are compatible with ZIF and LIF connector which saves time and helps in cost reduction.

Short Lead time

Thanks to the control of the 100% in house manufacturing process, Jetflex ensures minimal lead time for our products.