Side Catchers & Custom Options

These FFC cable have a special punching – the so-called ``side-catcher``. They feature a robust locking mechanism which is 2.5 times better retention solution compared to the traditional ZIF / LIF connectors for your specific requirement

Our Side Catchers are available for the FH28 & FH40 (non shielded) as well as FH41 & FH48 (shielded) connectors

Drawn below all two FFC layouts fortheir respective connectors

In order to differentiate the connectors, both FH28 & FH41 are horizontal connectors while FH40 & FH48 are vertical connectors. If mating with either the FH41 or FH48 shielded connectors, both the series are withground plating. The number of ground contacts will vary depending on the overall number of contacts